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Saberize - AR Light Saber

0.99 usd

Transform a beverage can into a Laser sword! Take a video of your actions and share it on your favourite social!Watch yourself hold and swing the coolest weapon ever, make videos (or save pictures to camera roll) and show everyone your force!Pick your beverage can and wrap it with the image you can find at this link: start the app and watch the Saber take life on your device! Make it swing, hit objects, make your mini movies!Saberize makes your dream come true!
Notice: for it to work you need to print the target image at the link above, and you also need a beverage can (or a deodorant spray or something similar). Download it now! :)
Features:-Ignite/Turn off the blade!-Hit objects and generate explosion!-Make videos, watch the ones from other users!-Save pictures to Gallery with or without watermark!-Chose laser color!-Accurate sound effects! -Updates with new blades and other things coming :)
*On some device video recording may not be supported at the moment: you will anyway be able to take screenshots with or without watermarks and retrieve them in your gallery! The list of supported devices for videos grows everyday!